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Ohio Tide Tryouts

Ohio Tide 2024 Season Tryouts Schedule

All new and returning players are expected to attend an Ohio Tide  tryout for 2024 team placement. We are kindly requesting every player complete the online registration in order to participate.


Tryouts will be offered by Age Group (for your player's age during 2024 season) at the Hawken Gates Mills or Lyndhurst Campuses on the following days: 

We are still taking individual tryouts. Please complete the tryouts registration and select the option for unable to attend tryouts and our coaching staff will be in touch to schedule. 

10U-12U Players Only

  • Tuesday, August 1 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM,  Lyndhurst Campus - CLOSED
  • Thursday, July 20 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM,  Lyndhurst Campus - CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
  • Monday, July 24 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM,  Lyndhurst Campus - CLOSED

10U-13U Players Only

  • Tuesday, August 1 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM,  Lyndhurst Campus - CLOSED
  • Saturday,  July 22 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM,  Gates Mills Campus - CLOSED
  • Sunday,  July 30 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM,  Gates Mills Campus - CLOSED

14U - 18U Players Only 

  • Wednesday, August 2 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM,  Gates Mills - CLOSED
  • Friday,  July 28 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM,  Gates Mills Campus - CLOSED
  • Sunday,  July 30 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM,  Gates Mills Campus - CLOSED

Directions to our Campuses and  fields can be found  here

2024 Tryouts Online Registration

Please click the blue link below to register for the 2024 tryouts. Our convenient registration is through the Sports Engine software and you will receive a confirmation email after your registration is complete. 

  • For current Ohio Tide families, please use your Sports Engine app log-in to register.
  • For new players to Ohio Tide, if you have previously used SportsEngine with another team, you can use that login and password for our registration page. If you have not used Sports Engine for a previous/current team,  you will need to create a log-in during registration.  Login ID's are universal across the SportsEngine platform ( your current team does not get notified if you login to another team's page). 

2024 Tryout Registration

Registration will be required for our 2024 tryouts, please complete your online registration to secure your spot.


Players should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time and plan to stay for 2 hours. Please arrive prepared to play with the following:

  • All Baseball equipment
  • Tennis shoes or turfs, as well as molded or metal cleats
  • Catchers, you must wear the appropriate protective gear (including a cup) at tryouts
  • Water bottle

Ohio Tide conducts a team style tryout. Upon arrival players should sign in at the check-in located near the fields. They will then be directed to an age-appropriate group to be evaluated by several coaches in the following areas:

  • Running Speed
  • Fielding and Throwing skills
  • Hitting skills
  • Pitching and catching, where applicable
  • General confidence as a ballplayer and as an athlete

Players perform better in the group tryouts without spectators. We strongly  recommend dropping your player off and picking up at the conclusion of the tryouts. You can sit in your car in the parking lots across from the football field to wait for your athlete.


All team offers will be delivered via email by August 7th. We ask that families review their offer and respond within 48 hours so we can get a good understanding of the roster positions for each team. If you choose to be apart of the 2024 Ohio Tide season, you will need to complete the online registration with your deposit to lock in your player's spot. 

We know this is both an exciting and stressful time of the year, and are committed to handling the process as quickly and transparently as possible. If you have not heard from the Ohio Tide or contemplating an offer from another organization, feel free to contact our Director of Baseball Operations, Aaron Brandt for an update.

2024 Season Overview

Team Rosters: Individual teams will be officially announced as soon as they have been finalized. The average roster size is 11-13 players and Ohio Tide is looking to field at least one team per each age group. Older teams, 14U and above, may carry a few additional players to accommodate tournament play.  Any teams that do not have a complete roster by October 1st, 2024 will be notified of the status of the roster.

Team Schedules: 

  • When committing to playing for an Ohio Tide team, we ask that you agree to plan family vacations and other events for the second half of July or later. We always want to be at full strength when representing the Ohio Tide in end of season league play, and tournaments. If you feel like this is not possible for your family, realize that it tends to put the rest of your player's team at a disadvantage, and you should let us know ahead of time that you can not commit to the full season.

  • 12U & below teams , we expect families to commit to a regular season that runs from mid-April - early July. Possible playoffs can run through the middle of July. 

    • Ohio Tide does intend to have the 12U team participate in the annual Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament, which is decided with the team once the bid date is received in October. This tournament is outside of the annual registration and details are provided to the family with fundraising options.

  • 13U & above teams, we expect families to commit to a regular season that runs from mid-May - mid-July. Playoffs can run through the end of July. 

  • We strive to provide 3-4 local tournaments per team and create a comprehensive game schedule; amounting to  25-30 total games during the  2024 Season

  • Depending on the team and circumstances, we could also offer out of town tournaments, which will be outside of the registration costs.

*please note team schedules are not available to after all league meeting have occurred and even then can change.

Team Coaching Staff:  Ohio Tide provides each team with coaches that have previous  baseball experience. Once a team hits a threshold of committed players, we assign one of our coaches to the team. 

Training Overview: Ohio Tide does provide off-season training:

  • November to February for players 13 -18 year olds

  • January to April as well as some additional opportunities in the fall and winter for players 12 and under

Players will typically practice between 2-3 times per week with a variety of experienced coaches  primarily at Hawken School.  As an organization, we strongly support multi-sport athletes, and conflicts with fall or winter sports are not held against anyone. By the same token, we generally expect our players to make baseball a priority during baseball season, which generally runs from  April -July.

Non-Refundable Deposit:  If you were given an offer to join the Ohio Tide and you accept a roster spot, you will be expected to pay a non-refundable $300 deposit for new players within 72 hours of your acceptance. All deposits and registration will be completed online and this deposit will be credited towards your final fees.  Returning Ohio Tide players will have a different deposit that will be emailed with their offer. 

Parents Support:  You should expect a mandatory program-wide “Parents Meeting” in the fall that will have the flexibility to be in-person or remote, to outline what to expect for the upcoming season.  Our organization strives to offer organizational-wide communications through the off and regular seasons, along with team-specific communications from each team's coaching staff. We utilize our online Parent Portal and our team's Sports Engine Apps as primary forms of communication.  This allows you to communicate directly with our organization, your player's coaches, and other families on your player's team.

Fundraising:  The Ohio Tide organization will actively fundraise at a team by team decision for out-of-town tournaments only to help offset these additional costs. All other costs will be included in the 2024 registration.

Pricing: Our 2024 registration fees can be found at