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2024 Tide Night Recap

Ohio Tide's 18U Coach McHolland and 13U Coach Brandt both are GCBCA Coach of the Year Honors!

Ohio Tide Philosophy

Very simply, the philosophy of the Ohio Tide Organization is three pronged - Player Development, Team Development and Leadership Development.  See below for a more detailed explanation.

Player Development

With a focus on developing specific skills in Hitting, Arm Development, Defense, and Mental Development.
  • Offensively to create a more powerful, disciplined hitter. 
  • To develop explosive velocity with a healthier and safer way to create arm endurance. 
  • Creating reactive, fast twitch defensive players that can anticipate where to go and what play to make. 
  • Developing mentally tough, strong and disciplined players that can equally deal with failures and successes alike.

Team Development

Very simply, a team first approach to the game.  Creating a culture where athletes "buy in" to the big picture and willing to make sacrifices for their teammates.  Creating an atmosphere that allows players to play collectively beyond what they could accomplish as an individual.  

Leadership Development

Leadership comes from within!  Developing athletes that are accountable for themselves and their teammates.  Players that play with integrity, sportsmanship and are unwilling to accept excuses for poor play. Teaching our players to learn from mistakes, how to make adjustments along with determination and constant effort.


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